All teachers have international certification.

They constantly develop professionally by participating in international conferences and seminars, webinars, online courses and training, etc.

They are devoted to their profession and love to teach.



Cost of studies depends on the age of the children

*You will need to buy one or two sets of course books (depending on the level). Cost of course books is not included in the cost of studies.

INFANTS(two lesson a week, 45 minutes each)

Children from four years old study at this level.

There are three groups at this level: Infants 1, Infants 2, and Infants 3.

The division into groups is determined by age because, at this stage of life,theskills of children and their ability to learn differs according to their age.

The children learn in an interactive English environment created especially for them. They get used to listening to English, learn how to speak English, and gradually acquire English pronunciation through songs and poems.

At this level, basic vocabulary and grammar are taught and constantly revised.

The lessons are taught through different kinds of activities including games.

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KIDS(two lessons a week, 60 minutes each)

Young schoolchildren study at this level.

Kids 1

At this sublevel, children learn how to read and write in English. They also learn how to talk about themselves and their families. Audio materials include short dialogues, poems, songs, and exercises in pronunciation.

Kids 2

Children enlarge their knowledge, continue to build up their vocabulary, and learn how to talk about present and past events. Audio materials get more complicated.

Kids 3

Children continue to learn new vocabulary andgrammar. These help them to express their opinions more clearly. They also listen to dialogues and sing songs to improve their pronunciation.

Kids 4

Children learn more difficult vocabulary and grammar and incorporate them into their speaking. They are also challenged to answer questions after listening to conversations, poems, and songs.

JUNIORS(two lessons a week, 60 minutes each)

Children ages 9 to 12 study at this level.

Juniors 1

Children with an elementary level of English study at this sublevel.

Juniors 2

Children deepen their knowledge of grammar by studying different tenses (present and future continuous, present perfect), modal verbs, etc.

Juniors 3

After this sublevel, children may move to Teenagers 2. Children learn to use past, present, and future tenses as well as modal verbs.

Juniors 4

Children ages 9 to 12 who have finished Kids 3 or 4, or can demonstrate the necessary level of English, go to this sublevel.

Juniors 5

At this sublevel, children enlarge their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and take part in different games and projects.

Juniors 6

This sublevel prepares children to move to the next level, Teenagers 3, which is level A2 according to the Common European Framework.

TEENAGERS(two lessons a week, 90 minutes each)

Students ages 13 to 17 study at this level.

Students are tested and put into groups according to their level of English. At this age, their level of knowledge is based not only on what they have learned at school but also on their personal experiencein English communication, watching English films, and visiting English-speaking countries.

Teens 1

These are real starters who have never studied English before.

Teens 2

At this elementary level, teenagers learn how to communicate in simple situations and start to speak, listen, read, and write.

Teens 3 та Teens 4

This level is Pre-Intermediate and corresponds to A2 of the Common European Framework (CEF). The more complicated grammar studied at this level helps students to express more abstract ideas. They can also understand short passages from authentic texts. At the end of this level, students can communicate with foreigners in ordinary situations.

Teens 5 та Teens 6

This level is Intermediate and corresponds to B1 of the CEF. Students can now express their personality in English. They can speak up in different situations, fill in simple documents, talk on the phone, read newspapers and books in English with the help of a dictionary, and identify different English accents.

Teens 7 та Teens 8

This level is Upper-Intermediate and corresponds to B2 of the CEF. At this level, students deepen and widen their knowledge. They speak fluently and have good pronunciation and a rich vocabulary. This level of English allows them to talk about difficult topics from different spheres of life.


You can come to us with your child to find out where to begin for best results.


External Independent Testing (ZNO)

To pass ZNO successfully, students must have an Intermediate level of English; very successfully, an Upper-Intermediate level. Our teachers will help your childlearn everything needed to pass this exam. Main attention is paid to grammar, vocabulary, and writing because mastery of these aspects is important for excellent results.

“In general, our students have results from 180 to 200 points!” Marianna Ilyna, Director, IH Lviv

Cambridge Exam (FCE)

This is one of the most popular English exams in the world. Candidates who score well on it have the English skills needed to successfully manage many real-life situations including those in business and education. This exam is acknowledged by numerous universities and employers as proof that your competence in English corresponds to level B2 of the CEF. This Cambridge exam is acknowledged not only in Ukraine but abroad. This is very important if you want to send your child to an English-speaking university. If you want to pass the FCE successfully, you must have an Upper-Intermediate level of English and improve your ability to speak, listen, read, and write in English with the help of a teacher.

If you have more questions, leave your contact information and our manager
will contact you as soon as possible and happily speak with you.


After an interview, we try to choose the best group for each child

Lessons are taught usingage-appropriate methods.

All lessons are taught in English. Children not only learn the language but are immersed in an English environment.

Teachers monitor the work of every student. If someone doesn’t do their homework, their parents are called.

The school monitors attendance and calls parents if a student misses two consecutive lessons.

Meetings for parents are held twice a year for the youngest groups and once a year for other groups.


Ткаченко Ольга і Мартуся
Оля Ткаченко
International House  – одна з кращих шкіл у Львові для вивчення іноземних мов, зокрема англійської. Школа працює у нас понад 20 років і допомогла в освоєнні іноземних мов тисячам львів’ян. Викладання дуже сучасне, цікаве і веселеJ. На заняттях викладачі спілкуюсться зі студентами лише іноземною, що допомагає швидше опановувати мову. Адміністратори IH розподіляють студентів в групи відповідно до їх рівня знань. Для цього перед початком навчання кожен проходить тестування. Школа має зручний інформативний сайт. Тож рекомендуємо International House  усім, хто хоче покращити свій мовний рівень.
Самвелян Єва
Оля Самвелян, мама Єви Самвелян
Очень довольны обучением и методами подачи материала. Позитивно настроенные преподаватели помогают детям воспринимать английский скорее как игру, а не как скучный предмет
Уляник Анастасія таДарина
Уляник Наталія
Мої діти: Уляник Дарина та Уляник Анастасія вже третій рік навчаються англійської мови в мовній школі IH. Вони з задоволенням відвідують школу. Я, як мати, задоволена знаннями дітей. Викладачі школи – позитивні, розумні, ввічливі люди. Я бажаю школі хороших учнів і процвітання.
Підкович Оксана
Дуже задоволена школою, особливо дитина. Чекає кожного навчання, любить вчителя Мар’яну, оскільки вона дуже весело і в ігровій формі з дітьми проводить навчання. Багато сміху з нею, а найголовніше – результат!!!
Iryna Shevchenko
Internation House is a school of ours future possibilities. We thank you for good level of studying, with professional teachers and positive atmosphere!
Мастеляк Ростислав
Мама Ростика Мастеляка
Знайомство з ІН відбулося ще у далекому 2001 році, коли тут почав навчатись старший син Ігор – Бернат. Молодший син Ростислав почав навчатися у 2006 році. Навчання в ІН проходить легко та невимушено, навчальна програма та викладачі концентрують свою увагу на живому спілкуванні, тим паче, що більшість викладачів – носії мови. Діти завжди неохоче пропускали заняття, порівняно із звичайною школою. Зараз сини вільно володіють англійською мовою. Для підтримання «форми» хоча б раз на тиждень переглядають фільми чи серіали мовою оригіналу. Отож, я щиро вдячна колективу мовної школи ІН за надану моїм дітям можливість іти в ногу з часом та бути готовими до непередбачуваних поворотів життя!

If you have more questions, leave your contact information and our manager
will contact you as soon as possible and happily speak with you.



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